Thinking About What
No One Likes to Think About

The world of medicine sees trauma from all sorts of places: car accidents, farming equipment malfunctions, and sports injuries are some of the common ones. To treat patients, a “trauma system” is created wherever possible.

A trauma system is a strategically organized approach to:

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

EMS Response

EMS Response

Acute Care

Post-Hospital Rehabilitation


These are fully integrated within a state’s public health system to ensure all patients get the appropriate care in a timely, coordinated, cost-effective manner. We don’t know enough about trauma, but what we do know tells us there’s a lot to be done. Here are some hard-hitting facts that Georgia, and all states, need to focus on.


Trauma is the 4th leading cause of death for all age groups.


For every death caused by
traumatic injury, three people
become severely disabled.


Amount the death/disability
rate decreases in areas with
established trauma systems.